FULL VINYL | Late 70’s Japanese Jazz | KMGT

【Full Vinyl】
A one-shot MIX consisting of only records.
Visualize the atmosphere of Analog DJs.

【Full set on mixcloud】

【Raw file [24bit 48khz] on Patreon】

My men KMGT is hard digger of Japanese Jazz, Soul, Funk.
Former record store manager and DJ.
This is a vinyl playlist of selections from his vast stock of Japanese jazz.

【Track List】
00:00 | intro

00:21 | 笠井紀美子(Kimiko Kasai) / TELL ME A BEDTIME STORY | 1979

05:32 | 森山威男(Takeo Moriyama) /NORTH WIND | 1978

10:39 | 山本剛 (Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio) / Midnight Sun | 1978

16:41 | 高橋達也と東京ユニオン(Tatsuya Takahashi & Tokyo Union Orchestra) / アンデルセンの幻想(Andersen’s illusion) | 1977

20:34 | 水橋孝(Takashi Mizuhashi) / Felicidade | 1977

27:18 | 弘田三枝子(Mieko Hirota) / My Funny Valentine | 1976

31:19 | 高瀬アキ(Aki Takase ) / Song For Hope | 1981

39:39 | 大隅寿男(Toshio Osumi) / Isn’t She Lovely | 1983

*All music rights belong to their rightful owners. Please support the musicians and buy their music.

Turntable:TECHNICS SL-1200MK3D + SL1200MK5D
Mixser :VESTAX PMC-250

【Post Production】
Sound Recording, Mastering, Video Shooting and Editing by The Moment.

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